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ULINKplus Debug Adapter

ULINKplus debugs, provides trace and analyzes embedded programs running on Arm Cortex-based devices. As it combines isolated debug connection, power measurement, and I/O for test automation, it gives visibility of function, timing and power consumption of the embedded application when used with the Event Recorder in Arm Keil MDK.

This easy-to-use and set-up debug probe also supports classic debug features such as simple and complex breakpoints, SWV trace and multi-core debugging. 



ULINK debug units can be purchased directly from our global distribution partner, Digi-Key

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Run control
Memory and breakpoint
Data trace
Instruction trace    
JTAG/SW clock speed 10 MHz 10 MHz 50 MHz
Memory read/write 25 KB/s 1 MB/s 3 MB/s
Data end event trace 1 Mbit/s 50 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s
Instruction trace     800 Mbit/s
Analysis tools      
Component viewer
Event recorder
Power measurement    
General purpose I/Os    
Performace analyzer    
Execution profiler    
Code coverage    
Which ULINK?

ULINK2 is an entry-level debugger for Cortex-M devices. Control the processor, set breakpoints, and read/write memory contents, all while the processor is running at full speed.

ULINKplus combines isolated debug connection, power measurement, and I/O for test automation. Function, timing, and power consumption visibility enables developers to optimize applications further.

This sophisticated unit enables developers to program, debug and analyze applications using high-speed streaming trace. Required for code coverage and performance analysis.


Features & Specifications

Debug protocol
Arm CoreSight.

Target connectors
Target connectors is the 10-pin (0.05") Cortex debug connector.

10 MHz JTAG/SW clock speed.
50 MHz SWO trace.

Software requirements
This debug probe is best used alongside Arm Keil MDK (sold seperately). If required, it can be used alongside third party tools.