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The chosen tools for organizations seeking faster progress of research, prediction, product design and problem solving through highly scalable models and simulations.
Arm Forge Ultimate
Purchase the industry standard development package for C, C++ and Fortran high performance code on Linux. Designed to handle complex software projects - including parallel, multiprocess and multithreaded code. Arm Forge combines the industry-leading debugger, Arm DDT, with out-of-the-box profiler, Arm MAP and Arm Performance Reports, for easy analysis.
Arm Allinea Studio
Purchase Arm tools designed for getting your applications running with optimal performance on Armv8-A. Here’s everything you need to create, migrate, and innovate serial and parallel codes within an Arm-based Linux, Fortran, or MPI system. Allinea Studio combines Arm Forge, Performance Reports, Performance Libraries and either the LLVM based Arm C/C++ or Fortran Compiler.
Debug, profile and optimize on any platform
Arm DDT is the number one debugger in research, industry, and academia for developing C++, C, Fortran parallel and threaded applications on CPUs, GPUs, Intel and Arm.
Find the bottlenecks in computation, communication, synchronization or I/O, with the leading high-speed, and low-overhead profiler for C, C++ and Fortran applications.