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Cortex-R52 Fixed Virtual Platform

This virtual prototype is a fast and functionally accurate simulation model of a Cortex-R52 processor, associated memory and peripherals. This simulation model gives developers a complete programmer's view of the hardware – and a flexible environment to build and test software without the need to maintain a hardware platform.

And as Fixed Virtual Platforms are easy to deploy, developers can be up and running in minutes and scale projects easily as teams expand. 


Which model?

Once you have decided on which Arm architecture suits your project best, then chances are there is a model available specific to that processor. Simply select the right Fixed Virtual Platform and start your software development immediately.

If you need to have the ultimate in design flexibility, consider Arm Fast Models. With an extensive library of fast and functionally accurate models to choose from and SystemC extension interfaces, Fast Models enable the creation of custom virtual prototypes that perfectly model your hadware platform. 

Features & Specifications

Full stack development
These models are capable of running bare-metal and RTOS.

Fixed Virtual Platforms are executable programmer's view simulation models, suitable for immediate software development without a hardware target. These virtual prototypes remove the need for long IT set-up or investment in expensive prototype hardware.

Platform specifications
This FVP includes Cortex-R52 CPU (1, 2 or 4-core configurations, user-specified), plus essential system IP and peripherals.

Host platforms
Supported host operating systems are Windows® 7 and 10, RHEL 6 and 7 and Ubuntu 14 and 16.

This 1 year license can be node locked and/or floating, and includes updates and technical support.  

Fixed Virtual Platform End User License Agreement (EULA)