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MPS3 FPGA Prototyping Board

The Arm MPS3 FPGA Prototyping Board is an FPGA prototyping platform, which allows designers to design systems easily. The board features a large FPGA to implement complex embedded designs (even including small Cortex-A class cores) and many expansion connectors to plug in other systems. Key benefits of the MPS3 board include:

  • FPGA capacity 5x larger than MPS2+
  • A wide range of connectors and peripherals
  • Prototype Linux applications



MPS boards can be purchased directly from our global distribution partner, Digi-Key

Purchase from Digi-Key

Prototyping of embedded devices, including Cortex-M, and small Cortex-A or Cortex-R.

The MPS3 FPGA Prototyping Board features a SO-DIMM connector and a large amount of memory to store code. This means that you are able to implement small Cortex-A class systems running Linux applications. Many ports (including, but not limited to audio and HDMI) and expansion connectors enable you to develop a wide range of applications.


Key product highlights

The MPS3 FPGA Prototyping Board has the following features:

Board nameMPS3
FPGA  Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale KU115 FPGA, 1,451k logic cells
Support for encrypted FPGA images and Partial Reconfiguration
 Memory 8MB BRAM
4GB DDR4 SODIMM (by default, upgradeable to 8GB)
8MB QSPI Flash
 Debug JTAG
10-pin Cortex debug connector
20-pin Cortex debug and ETM connector
16-bit Trace Mictor connector
ILA for ChipScope ProTM / IdentifyTM
CMSIS-DAP support
Board peripherals USB2.0 Dual port Host Controller
10/100Mb Ethernet Controller
uSD-Card slot
Audio (line in/out and mic)
QSVGA Colour Display & Touch Screen - 8-bit parallel interface
Four Virtual UARTs over USB CONFIG PORT
Eight user LEDs/switches
Two user push buttons
Real time clock
Six programmable clocks 
Expansion Two Arduino Expansion connectors
Four PMOD connectors
FMC-HPC connector – Up to 160 I/Os
Form factor 170x170mm mini ITX


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