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Arm Allinea Studio

Arm Allinea Studio is a comprehensive and integrated tools suite that helps Scientific Computing, HPC and Enterprise developers to achieve best performance on modern Arm-based server class platforms. Built to ensure ease-of-use and advanced optimization capability, users can port applications to Arm with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Includes Compiler, libraries and optimization tools.

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FeatureEssentialHPC StarterHPC Pro
C/C++/Fortran compiler
Performance libraries
Performance Reports
1-year of support and updates
Annual subscription
Forge (debug + profile) capability      
Maximum processes 1 64 64
Maximum nodes 1 1 4
Scalable debugging
Scalable profiling
Memory debugging
CPU, MPI, I/O profiling
Native remote client
Version control integration
CPU Hardware counters    
Full GPU profiling and debugging    
Energy performance metrics    
Custom metrics API    

Everything you need for Armv8-A application development including optimized Fortran Compiler, Performance Libraries, Arm Forge integrated suite, providing capability for debugging and profiling on a single node and for a single process.

HPC Starter

All the benefits of 'Essential' but with capability for debugging and profiling on a single node and up to 64 processes through the Arm Forge integrated suite.

HPC Professional

Contact us to buy the HPC Professional edition, providing all the benefits of 'Essential' but with advanced profiling features including custom metrics in the Arm Forge profiling and debugging suite, and capability for up to four nodes and 64 processes.

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