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DSTREAM-ST Debug Adapter

DTREAM-ST debug and trace probes debug and optimize software running on any Arm-based hardware target. It streams the data live to the host PC over USB or GbE interfaces to accelerate the debug process.

When used alongside Arm Development Studio, the DSTREAM-ST is a key tool to accelerate code development especially when developing complex SoCs. And if required it can be used alongside third party tools via the open debug interface.


Functionality Debug, Trace Debug, Streamed Trace
Maximum number of cores and devices

(including up to 128 cores)

(any combination of cores
and devices) 

Debug connectivity JTAG, SWD JTAG, SWD
Processor Support    
Arm7, Arm9, Arm11
Cortex-A, Cortex-R, Cortex-M
JTAG frequency (MHz) 60 180
Memory download (KB/s) 2500 12000
On-target trace
External parallel trace Up to 16 pins Up to 4 pins
Trace buffer None streamed to host PC
Host connectivity USB 2.0, Ethernet USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet
Which probe?

If your projects need fast downloads, high JTAG clock rates and limited parallel streaming trace, then the DSTREAM-ST is the debug probe of choice. Used alongside Arm Development Studio you can develop your software faster.

This debug and trace unit enable powerful debug and optimization of any Arm processor-based hardware target. Ideal for comprehensive debug of Arm architectures v4 to v8 up to 9.6 Gbps (parallel trace) when used alongside Arm Development Studio.

Features & Specifications

Debug protocol
JTAG and serial-wire debug.

Target connectors
Target connectors for the DSTREAM-ST probe include 14-pin ad 20-pin Arm JTAG, 14-pin TI OMAP, 10-pin and 20-pin high density CoreSight connectors and 38-pin MICTOR.

4-bit wide trace capture at 300 MHz DDR (600 Mbit/s per pin).

Software requirements
This debug probe is best used alongside Arm Development Studio (which is sold seperately). If required, it can be used alongside third party tools.