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Arm Education comprises the Arm University Program, Arm Education Media, and the Arm School Program. Each program works with academic, education and industry partners to support technology innovation and talent development through computing and STEM.

By drawing on Arm’s technological expertise, innovation and ecosystem, Arm Education leverages its extensive partner network to offer resources that accelerate learning through market-leading education materials and technologies. Students learn how to design and build with success now and for the future.

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Access the full collection of Arm Education Media Computer Engineering and Informatics online courses – enjoy unlimited access to ALL 10 online courses for 3 months, for a single one-off payment.

Online Courses

Our online courses have been carefully developed to help students, hobbyists and practicing or aspiring engineers learn about state of the art technologies from the Arm partner ecosystem. Each modular online course includes lecture slides, hands on lab videos with solutions and interactive quizzes. The courses provide an understanding of Arm architecture and the principles of software and hardware system design, essential for today’s computer engineering workplace. Some courses require hardware and software tools, which must be purchased separately.

Online Course Sampler
Our Online Courses Sampler provides you with the opportunity to review extracts of lecture slides, quizzes and lab videos from all our online courses for the price of $8.00 for perpetual access.
Internet of Things
Learn IoT principles by working through a system that connects embedded sensors using commodity smartphones, developing skills such as app development and embedded system design
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Access the full collection of our Computer Engineering and Informatics online courses through our new compendium offering. This provides you with unlimited access to ALL 10 online courses for 3 months, for a single one-off payment.
Books available now

Arm Education books appeal to students and learners as they progress from novices to experts in Arm-based system design. The books program comprises both textbooks aimed at undergraduate students, and reference books destined for graduate students, researchers, aspiring and practising engineers.

Operating Systems Foundations with Linux on the Raspberry Pi
This textbook provides a practical introduction to the foundations of modern operating systems, with a focus on GNU/Linux and the Arm platform. If you want to learn about Operating Systems and keep a practical, real-world focus, then this book is the ideal starting point.